important instructions for board exam 2023 cbse

important instructions for board exam 2023 cbse

Note the following instructions of CBSE
1. Candidate would be allowed to enter in the examination centre before 10am only. So candidate must reach the centre before time ie by 9:30am.

2. Candidate must be in proper school uniform with *admit card and school identity card.*

3.The candidate must visit the centre atleast one day prior to know the way and location of the centre.

4. The candidate and mother/father/guardian must sign on the admit card at the appropriate place.

5.The candidate *must maintain proper discipline* at the examination centre.

6.The candidate *should not carry mobile phone or any electronic items and all barred items* to the examination centre .

7.The candidate *must read and adhere to the instructions given in the admit card* .

8.The candidate must read the amended rules for the Unfair practices.

*Barred Items List in CBSE Board Examination*

“Mobiles, Tablets, Bluetooth, Airphone, microphones, pagers, Health bands, Cameras,smart watches etc.

Candidate should also not carry any items such as Goggles, Handbags, Wallets, Pouches, etc.
Any eatable items packed or opened are not allowed by any means in the examination hall.
The item that can be used for unfair means is not allowed.
Textual material (printed or written)
Bits of papers
Pen drives
Electronic pen/scanner
Log table (shall be provided by the centers)

*Permitted Items Inside CBSE Examination Hall*

*Admit card
*School identity card
*Stationery Items Accepted Inside in a transparent pouch are Geometry articles/pencil box,eraser,
Blue/Royal Blue Ball Point/ Gel Pen
*Writing pad
Transparent water bottles.
*Fill the information on the title page of answer sheet carefully* with blue ball point pen.
In case of any query for filling the title page, candidate may ask the Assistant superintendent (Invigilator).

Utilize 15 minutes reading time for making the plan to attempt the paper.

Do not write any answer with pencil /sketch pen.

Write only with blue ball pen/gel pen.

Pencil can be used to draw diagram if any.

In multiple choice questions Choose only one correct option.

important instructions for board exam 2023 cbse

important instructions for board exam 2023 cbse
important instructions for board exam 2023 cbse


Student: How should I
improve my
presentation? Are any
marks given for good
CBSE: No separate
marks are given, but
your answers can be
neat, well organized
with important points

Student: While
preparing, do I need to
write whatever I am
CBSE: Making notes
helps you in
understanding the
chapter and also makes
you confident.

Student: I am very scared of
board exams and despite
studying the whole year, I am not
confident. I also make silly
mistakes. What can I do to
overcome this?
CBSE: Do not worry . Stay relaxed.
Always write down while revising
topics. Practice regularly to solve
sample papers within time limit. This
will help you gain confidence and
also retain the subject matter. Read
the questions carefully before
writing. Take regular breaks and
relax during practice

Student: I am nervous to
take exams, can my parents
accompany me to the
examination center?
CBSE: No, parents are not
allowed inside the
examination center but they
can wait outside

Student: Will I be allowed to
go to the washroom during
the examination?
CBSE: Yes, you will be
allowed along with an
invigilator who will
accompany you.

Student: Is the syllabus for
Class 10th and 12th available
on CBSE website?
CBSE: Yes, the syllabus of
Class 10th and 12th is
available on CBSE website

Student: When a Candidate
drops one year, what is the
syllabus applicable for the
following examination of next
CBSE: The candidate as to
appear in the syllabus
prescribed for the year in
which he or she plans to
appear for exam. Students
are advised to refer to the
curriculum for that academic
year available on the

Student: Is a candidate
eligible to improve his/her
performance after qualifying
Class 10th and 12th?
CBSE: Yes, a candidate who
has qualified class 10th/12th
exam, may appear for
improvement in one or more
subjects but in the
succeeding year only.

Student: Will the Mark
statement be one for
improvement of performance
as well as Main Exam in 10th
and 12th?
CBSE: No, candidates
appearing in improvement of
performance are issued only
marks statement reflecting
the marks obtained bin the
improvement examination

Student: How many times
can a student of Class 10th
and 12th appear in
Compartment exam?
CBSE: A candidate placed in
compartment can re-appear
in July/August in the same
year. He/She may also avail
nd chance in February
/March/April next year and
may further avail 3rd chance
at the compartment exam to
be held in month of July of
that year.

Student: What is passing
criteria for Class 12th?
CBSE: A candidate has to
pass in 05 subjects of
external exam as per
scheme of studies to be
declared pass in addition to
internal subject.
Student: Can a candidate
simultaneously appear for
improvement as well as
additional subject exam?
CBSE: No, candidate
appearing for improvement in
one or more subjects cannot
appear for additional subject

Student: Do the marks
increase or decrease after
the process of verification of
CBSE: The marks may
increase or decrease after
the process of verification of
marks as per the actual
marks obtained and the
candidate will have to accept
the revised result.

Student: Is a new carks
Sheet issued after
verification of marks/reevaluation?
CBSE: Yes, a new mark
sheet is issued in case of
change of marks. It is issued
only after the old marks
statement has been

Student: Is it mandatory to
pass in Theory and Practical
Exams separately at Class
CBSE: Qualifying marks in
each subject of external
exam are 33%. However, in
subject with practical works,
one must obtain 33% marks
in theory and 33% marks in
practical separately in
addition to 33% marks in
aggregate, in order to qualify
in that subject.

Student: Does CBSE have
any exemption for the
differently abled candidates?
CBSE: Yes. You may see
Board’s circular dated 12th
April, 2019 available on

Student: How can we obtain
copy of the Answers Book of
Class 10th / 12th exam?
CBSE: Applicant may apply
for obtaining photocopy of
answer books by paying
prescribed processing
charges as per time frame
set by the Board. For details
please see our website at the time
of declaration of results.

Student: How can I get
sample question papers and
question paper designs of
standard level and Basic
level Maths?
CBSE: These are available

Student: Will Practical be
held for the students giving
improvement exam or their
practical marks from 2019
will be carried on?
CBSE: Practical marks of
candidates who have
appeared in 2019 will be
taken from the record
available with the Board. For
candidates prior to 2019 i.e
2018 or before, proportionate
marks will be awarded.

Best wishes for exams
All the best


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